Friday, December 28, 2012

Another AR-15 Rifle Project

Adding to the armory is another AR-15 build. Unlike the other build published earlier, this one is a rifle version of the black guns based on a Black Rain Ordnance upper and lower receiver pair. This project cam about because of the carbine build earlier. I wanted a full size rifle this time with iron sights just like the M16A2 I was issued in the Marine Corps.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Glock 40 S&W Barrel Conversions

9mm, 357 Sig, and 40 S&W
Having the diversity of calibers and barrel configurations for the AR-15 rifle makes it an excellent rifle that can be employed to take a variety of creatures. Similarly, some Glock pistols support different calibers, too. Glocks chambered in .40 S&W can reliably shoot both .357 Sig and 9mm ammunition. It's a great day when you have a gun that can shoot more than one caliber.

AR-15 Carbine Build with Enhancements

The M16A2 and M4 are good battle rifles with their counterparts in the civilian world--the AR-15. With the availability and interchangeability of black rifle parts, it's too easy to assemble the AR-15 with upgrades to the modern battle rifle fit for non-military applications. I'm glad I got my hands on all the parts for my M4 variant build before the recent end-of-year madness that has now made purchasing those same parts more difficult than ever.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Basics of Metallic Rifle Reloading

Rifle reloading is a straight forward process with several steps.  In general, it is cheaper to reload you own cartridges than buy the equivalent match rifle ammunition. You save money and obtain the same results.  That's been my experience. I always full-length re-size my cartridges because I have several rifles chambered the same. The other practice many others employ is neck re-sizing without the full length re-size.

I reload my .308 Winchester cartridges with Federal brass, CCI large rifle primers, and Hodgdon Benchmark extreme powder pushing Sierra 168 grain Match Kings. My load is 40.0 grains of powder and an overall cartridge length of 2.800".

The desired end result

Friday, December 21, 2012

Inventory of Semi-auto Pistols

I can't start showing off pistols without bring out the 1911 platforms that have been around for a long time. Here is the full-sized Sig Sauer 1911 in stainless, followed by the shorter Kimber Tactical Pro II. Then at the bottom, that is a SA Micro Compact Loaded 1911A1. All are .45 ACP.

1911 in various sizes

Awesome Black Rifles

Here are some good ARs that have been assembled over the past couple of years. Many have be reconfigured on more than one occassion. The AR platform is pretty versatile with calibers and furniture. The only one that haven't done much to is the LWRC M6 here.

Side-charger DPMS platform in 308 Fulton Armory 24" barrel