Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ammo Price Gouging Everywhere

Are you kidding me?!
I guess some internet retailers of ammo think that it's okay to bend you over on the ammo. Granted it's been in short supply because of hoarding. These jackholes at Alamo Ammo think they are giving you a good deal. A box of Russian Tula .223 Ammo before the greatest gun buying panic ever (thanks to those gun-grabbing, ivory tower living, politicians) was less than $9 for a box of 20. Now they trying to sell it for more than three times that! Are you f'ing kidding me!! I hesitated to buy the good Hornady .223 stuff if it was more than $20 just a few months ago.

Cheaper than Dirt was just one of the first to kick off this nonsense back earlier this year when they started selling Magpul 30-rd magazines for almost $60, now they're up to about $80. Before DiFi and her misfits created the big AWB scare they were less than $20. A Boycott Cheaper than Dirt Facebook ensued and had more than 17,000 likes. I just hope that yahoos are not dumb enough to buy this overpriced crap. If they do they are just creating the demand that will keep the prices high for a long time. Just like an elephant, I don't forget.

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