Saturday, March 9, 2013

Herter's Select Grade Ammo

During the recent gun and ammo buying frenzy, I was on Cabela's website looking for any ammo. Keeping my fingers crossed, I searched for 9mm target rounds. Keep in mind these days finding 9mm or 5.56mm rounds are about as hard as finding the lost civilization of Atlantis.  I was hopeful I could find something other than jacketed hollow points....

I got lucky. They had a this ammo manufactured by Blazer Ammunition call Herter's Select Grade. I've heard of Herter's before but not of 9mm 115 grain TNJ. What was TNJ? After reading the description it turns out that it's a Total Nylon Jacket round. The blue tipped, aluminum-cased cartridges looked familiar. The nylon jacket was just like the NyClad ammo I carried as a Marine Security Guard for my S&W Model 19 wheel gun. I ordered 400 rounds.

It performed well through my Glock 17. Glock only recommends that jacketed ammo is shot through their guns because of the polygonal rifling in the barrels. The rifling is suppose to seal better around the bullet. So I wasn't sure that Herter's would perform. Well, I put a hundred rounds through the 17 with no issues. Not a single failure. At ten yards, the groups were consistent as you can see on the target.

I recommend picking up a few hundred rounds. If you can find Herter's, try it out. It's made in America and is good target ammo even in these trying times.

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